With regard to the renovation process of the Consular Office of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague from August – December 2017, consular services will take place on the ground floor of the public service building of the Embassy (adjacent the Nusantara Hall). We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding.


Consular Fees

1. Legalization Fee of Company / Business documents (per document/stamp) € 120,00
2. Marriage registration/ Book of Marriage      € 0,00
3. Official Letter for Birth Record € 0,00
4. Official Letter of explanation for name (Indonesian Nationality) € 0,00
5. Cover letter for import duty exemption purpose for bringing personal  goods /household goods to Indonesia for repatriation/ moving to Indonesia € 0,00
6. Official Letter for Indonesia Driving Licence € 20,00
7. Legalization Fee for Translation € 0,00
9. Cover  Letter for bringing ashes in urns to Indonesia    0,00
10. Official  Letter for Death Record           0,00
11. Official Statement Letter for sending donation goods/ research equipment to Indonesia    0,00

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