Indonesia participates in Taste of Amsterdam 2016

The Embassy of the Republic Indonesia in The Hague in cooperation with Indonesian Tanamera Coffee, the Indonesian Chef Association in the Netherlands (“Indonesia Satu”) and VITO (Visit Indonesia Tourism Office-Amsterdam) will participate in the culinary exhibition event of "Taste of Amsterdam 2016", in Amstelpark , Amsterdam , on 2-5 June 2016 .

At the 180 m2- “Indonesia Coffee House”- (name of Indonesian booth at the event), you will find some delicious and interesting activities:

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia starts its annual active participation at The Taste of Amsterdam since 2014. 

The Taste of Amsterdam 2016 is a culinary exhibition with the aims among others are to introduce new creation of culinary (foods and drinks) with its unique and new creation, including food processing techniques; presentation of creative menus.

Visit us and join happiness together….