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Indonesian student in Nijmegen gave pitch speech on the first network meeting of Woman in sustainability

Nila Patty (23 Years old) is a student of Medical Biology at Radboud University who come from Indonesia. Besides her passion in science, she has a big concern on sustainability and the environmental impact of human waste.  Her concern about the plastic soup and plastic waste (especially in her home country, Indonesia), make her decided to life without plastic from January 2016. She decided to do this because she want to shows to herself and people around her, especially her friends and family in Indonesia that you can live happy without plastic. 

Her journey was tough, but it brought her to join a group of sustainable expert and policy maker from Nijmegen to support Nijmegen team on European Green Capital Award 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. With the effort of the city of Nijmegen and the support of the Nijmegen Team, Nijmegen won the award for the European Green Capital 2018. Her idea about reducing plastic waste also caught the interest of the municipality of Ljubljana which is trying to grow to be Zero Waste city. 

On 6 october 2016, 20 women who are involves in different sectors of sustainability gather to brainstorm about the role of woman in sustainability and how they can create action for more sustainable Nijmegen. Nila Patty was given the opportunity to deliver a pitch talk in the opening of the event and share her story of Zero Plastic Lifestyle after the lecture from Irene Dankelman, Lecturer at Sustainable Development. This event was attended by the Wethouder Mrs. H. Tiemens, Radboud University, the board member of Radboud University Medical Center, and women in several sectors of sustainability in Nijmegen.

This event is initiated by Yvonne Keijzer,  Ingrid Kerkvliet, and Margot Ribbering as the ambassador of the event. She shared her story for 10 minutes and received around of applauses from the audience. The idea which she wants to stress on is for people to be aware of what they consume and think about the consequences of their actions. She said that to make big changes, you must start small, start by being aware, then make an action. She also said that every individual should think that they matter! Doesn’t matter if you just a student, if you believe you can do it, you should give a try to do it! Because if everyone think that they can do something, we can make changes.

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