Tarakan Independece Festival 2015

Indonesian Independence's Tarakan Festival 2015 is first event that was implemented  in Tarakan, Kalimantan Utara. This event in collabora­ tion with   the  Government of Tarakan, TNI AD (Indonesian  Army De­ partment), TNI AL (Indonesian Navy Department), TNI AU  (Indonesia Air Force Department), Tarakan Department of Environment, and KNPI Kec. Tarakan Tengah (Indonesia Youth Council district  Tarakan).

Tarakan as the potential nature resources city and also have harbor and international airport  has been the economic and investment area in North Kalimantan. Tarakan have unique and various cultures as tourist destination, and Borneo University as the biggest university in North Ka­ limantan.

This event are the annual celebration of The 70th Republik Indone­ sia Independence  Day, The 11th Anniversary Of Indonesia Youth Council district Tarakan , Tarakan's Environment Week Festival, The 70th Anni­ versary  Of Indonesia  National Forces  dan the 87th  Indonesia Sumpah Pemuda.

Indonesian Independence Tarakanfestival 2015
Jalan Sei Sesayap Rt 8, Gedung Graha Pemuda 2nd Floor, Kampung 4
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