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Interview with Ngotjeh Magazine, 3 August 2016

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Minister Natalegawa: Three Main Points for Achieving Asia-Pacific Economic Growth http://new.indonesia.nl/index.php/en/using-joomla/extensions/components/content-component/article-categories/503-minister-natalegawa-three-main-points-for-achieving-asia-pacific-economic-growth http://new.indonesia.nl/index.php/en/using-joomla/extensions/components/content-component/article-categories/503-minister-natalegawa-three-main-points-for-achieving-asia-pacific-economic-growth

Nusa Dua, APEC2013 – Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty M. Natalegawa said here Friday there are   three main points that must be pursued by the Asia-Pacific region should they want to gain a balanced equivalence and sustainable economic growth.


Minister Natalegawa made the statement during a plenary session of the 25th APEC Ministerial Meeting he and Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wiryawan co-chaired on Friday in Nusa Dua, Bali . 


"The three main points are achieving the Bogor Goals, ensuring inclusive economic growth with reference to equality and social welfare, and accelerating economic growth in Asia and the Pacific by constantly referring to the need for connectivity in the region," he said. 


The ministerial meeting’s plenary session was intended to provide foundation for the success of a leaders meeting of the 21 APEC economies taking place on October 7-8, 2013 in this resort zone north of the capital Denpasar. 


The ministerial plenary meeting was preceded by a number of high-level meetings in which officials discussed various APEC priority issues during the year 2013.


The senior officials meetings resulted in various rapid progresses in the process of discussing issues related to achieving the Bogor Goals. Those issues include supports on multilateral trade system, women affairs, small-medium enterprises, food and energy resilience, health, financial inclusive, infrastructure development and investment, border-crossing education, emergency response and travel facilities.   


“In addition to those progresses in the process of discussing the topics, the senior officials have managed to reach an agreement on the APEC framework on connectivity, a milestone to further enhance cooperation among the APEC member economies and regional integration,” Minister Natalegawa said.   


The plenary ministerial meeting will take place for two days consisting of some sessions. 


On Saturday October 5, 2013, the meeting will start with working breakfast before two separate panel sessions that will table the theme on APEC and the Evolving Regional Architecture and Roadmap to Bali MC9 (The 9th WTO Ministerial Conference) and APEC 2013 First Priority, Attaining the Bogor Goals.


The meeting will be followed by a plenary session under the theme on the sustainable growth with equity and improving connectivity in APEC 2013.

(Source: setkab and apec.or.id)

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Tesla Manaf Puts on Impressive and Unique Performance at Nieuwe Kerk http://new.indonesia.nl/index.php/en/using-joomla/extensions/components/content-component/article-category-list/909-tesla-manaf-puts-on-impressive-and-unique-performance-at-nieuwe-kerk http://new.indonesia.nl/index.php/en/using-joomla/extensions/components/content-component/article-category-list/909-tesla-manaf-puts-on-impressive-and-unique-performance-at-nieuwe-kerk

On 29 December 2017, Indonesian artist Tesla Manaf performed in the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. This evening, Manaf was accompanied by his backing band and also by Dutch-Indonesian guitarist Erwin van Ligten. The performances were to be heard in the Nieuwe Kerk from 20:15 until 22:15. 

Dozens of people showed up to witness the performances by the talented artists. Also present was the ambassador of the Indonesian embassy in The Hague, I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja. The ambassador really seemed to enjoy the music by the artists, and so did everyone else in the audience for that matter. The Nieuwe Kerk also is an incredible venue, with great acoustics. This only added to the enjoyment of the evening. 

Before the musicians started to perform, they were introduced and both Tesla Manaf and Erwin van Ligten were asked about their backgrounds, their music careers and their inspirations. This was interesting to listen to. It allowed the audience to know a little more about the performers. 

It turned out that both Manaf and van Ligten started playing music from a very young age; Manaf started to play the guitar at the age of nine, and van Ligten could be found playing the drums when he was only five years old. What the two musicians also have in common, is the fact that neither of their parents were really supportive of their dreams of pursuing a career in music. Fortunately, they both decided to pursue it regardless of that. 

The development of their respective music careers and their inspirations are different though. Tesla Manaf’s (1987) inspirations come from a wide variety of music styles; classic music, jazz music and also pop music. Amongst his inspirations are for example, Madonna and the Carpenters, he told the audience. Only thirty years old, Manaf also still has his whole career ahead of him. Van Ligten (1957) on the other hand, can already look back on a successful and long career in music. Van Ligten has played in several influential music groups and with diverse artists since the 1970’s.

After the introduction, the night started with a solo performance by Erwin van Ligten. He was to start off the evening by playing a few of his songs. The talented guitar player from Surabaya put on a truly remarkable performance. Van Ligten used multiple guitars during the performance which each had a sound of their own. They also enabled him to show that he truly is an incredibly skilled guitarist. The music was great to listen to and everyone in the audience seemed impressed and amused. 

After the performance by van Ligten, Tesla Manaf performed, accompanied by his backing band. This performance sounded so incredibly different from the previous one by van Ligten, however although wildly different, this was also a great performance. The talented musician from Jakarta was joined by his backing band, which consisted out of a clarinet player, a contrabass player, and a drummer. Each of the musicians had a fully-developed and mature sound on their respective instruments. They were quite skilled and the ensemble worked very well together. 

The music played by this ensemble was very interesting. Manaf’s music has a very distinctive sound; his musical voice is completely unique. The daring young musician definitely is not afraid to take risks or artistic chances. At first, Manaf was classically-trained in music. However, he tired of the rigidity of it and thus embarked on a career in jazz and improvised music in 2007. He launched himself into progressive jazz with resounding success. Manaf’s sources of inspiration come from various music styles but also from the subtleties of Balinese gamelan. 

In Manaf's compositions, the seemingly contradictory influences of contemporary classical music, the forward-leaning rhythms of modern jazz and the sounds of Manaf’s native Indonesia consistently create interesting tensions. His performance in the Nieuwe Kerk also sounded very interesting and unique. His songs were full of crazy rhythms and bizarre twists. While some parts of the performance sounded calm and serene, others chaotic and tumultuous. Still, the music was beautiful to listen to. 

At the end of the evening, Tesla Manaf and Erwin van Ligten performed together. As a result of this, the evening really ended on a high note. It was truly invigorating to hear the two artists perform together. Despite the fact that their music styles differ considerably, they made a good combination. It was a perfect end to an amazing night.


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Indonesian Embassy Organized A Fun Bike to commemorate the 69th Anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia http://new.indonesia.nl/index.php/en/2012-11-26-04-10-03/announcement/639-indonesian-embassy-organized-a-fun-bike-to-commemorate-the-69th-anniversary-of-the-independence-of-indonesia http://new.indonesia.nl/index.php/en/2012-11-26-04-10-03/announcement/639-indonesian-embassy-organized-a-fun-bike-to-commemorate-the-69th-anniversary-of-the-independence-of-indonesia

As many as 100 participants,- children and adult participants-, were taking part in the Fun Bike organized by the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague on Saturday, 2 August 2014. The Indonesian Ambassador and Mr. Agus Marsudi, along with families of embassy’s staffs and other Indonesian societies were also participating the said Fun Bike, in which they taken 17,5 km of biking from it starts at the Indonesian School in Wassenar to Leidschendam-Voorburg-Wassenaar-Voorscoten-Wassenaar. A total of 1,5 hours were taken by all participants to finish the route.

At the event of the event, a small quiz was organize to examine participants’ experience and understanding the route and its surrounding. The Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. Retno L.P. Marsudi closed the activity by giving prizes to the quiz winners and gifts to children whom competed all fun bike’s route.

The Fun Bike was organized to commemorate the 69th Anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia in the Netherlands. Previously, in June and July 2014, the Embassy had organized several sport competition to commemorate the 69th Independence of Indonesia, including bowling and golf competition.

Other activities to commemorate the 69th Anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia including: A Hoisting Indonesian Flag Ceremony on 17 August 2014, A Diplomatic Reception on 20 August 2014 and the 2014 Indonesian Day (People Festivity) on 6 September 2014.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, 2 August 2014

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