More than 20 Thousand Visitors Attended Pasar Raya Indonesia 2017 in Rijswijk

More than 20 thousand visitors crowded Pasar Raya Indonesia (PRI) 2017 held in De Broodfabriek, Rijswijk, the Netherlands, in 15 - 17 September 2017. Visitors who attended this event were not only from various cities in the Netherlands, but also from surrounding countries such as Belgium, England, and France. There were even some groups of Indonesian citizens from Malaysia who helped enliven PRI 2017. Several members of the diplomatic corps, including the Ambassador of Bangladesh and Tanzania for the Kingdom of the Netherlands also attended this event.

PRI 2017 was officially opened by the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Yohana Yambise; together with the Mayor of Rijswijk, Michel Bezuijen and Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for the Netherlands, H.E. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja. PRI 2017 is the culmination of the 72nd anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. It also aimed to promote Indonesian culture; such as keris, culinary and various Indonesian products such as textiles and handicrafts, as well as to strengthen people to people contact between Indonesian in the Netherlands and the Dutch.

Minister of PPPA conveyed that promotional activities of Indonesian products abroad like in PRI 2017 was encouraged by the President of the Republic of Indonesia as a part of economic diplomacy. "In addition, it aimed to strengthening the friendship of the people of both nations", said Minister Yohana Yambise.

Mayor of Riswijk, Michel Bezuijen, expressed his gratitude over PRI 2017 that was held for the first time in Rijswijk. It was a surprise for Bezuijen with the splendour of the event and the number of visitors. "This is an opportunity for the people of Rijswijk to get to know Indonesia", he said.

According to Ambassador Puja, as the head of organizer of PRI 2017, previous years before, PRI (with the old name of Pasar Rakyat Indonesia) was held outdoor at Sekolah Indonesia Den Haag, in Wassenaar. Nonetheless, this year, it was held in a much larger indoor space. "In the past years, the visitors are getting bigger, and this year's venue is expected to reach visitors up to 20 thousand for a 3 day-program". A great interest from visitors may also increase Indonesia’s diaspora business in the Netherlands that accumulate the demand for Indonesian products in the Dutch market.

This year, the event was supported by several artists such as Indonesian Idol finalist, Harry Mantong, Komunitas Hong of Bandung who introduced various dance performances and children's traditional games with workshop of making children’s old toys (tempoe doele), and Dutch artist like Justine Palmelay. Superman is Dead, the famous band in Indonesia, also took part the concert on the night of September 15, 2017, before the official opening ceremony on September 16, 2017. A total of more than 70 culinary stands and products supported this PRI 2017.

The opening of PRI 2017 was marked by the sound of kolecer or kitiran (a small windmill) distributed to visitors and diplomatic circles, together with the Minister of PPPA, Mayor of Rijswijk, the Ambassador of Indonesia. The atmosphere of the opening was more festive with rampak drum beating, rumbling the entire building area of more than 5600 meters. The last PRI event on September 17, 2017 were more vibrant with several artists who have been known to the Indonesian community in the Netherlands and door prize tickets Garuda Amsterdam-Jakarta, Polygon Bikes, and vouchers to stay at the Ina Group Hotels.




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