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Kande and Tihal Anai Molo Okoe Amuse Audience Burgerweeshuiscafé Greatly with Rich Indonesian Music

On 15 December 2017, Indonesian band Kande performed in the Burgerweeshuiscafé in Deventer. Kande was accompanied by Moluccan percussion group Tihal Anai Molo Okoe. Each of the groups put together a great performance and despite the fact that they differ considerably in their music styles, the combination of Kande and Tihal Anai Molo Okoe worked very well together that night. The two music groups were to be heard from 20:30 until 23:00 in the Burgerweeshuiscafé.

That evening, Tihal Anai Molo Okoe was the opening act and opened for Kande. Kande was the main performance of the night. The performers drew in a sizeable crowd; though initially not that crowded, as the evening went on, the room in which was performed became more and more crowded by the minute and in the end, the room was almost completely full. People from all ages and nationalities showed up to see the performances. 

Tihal Anai Molo Okoe was a very enjoyable opening act. The performance by the Moluccan percussion group was energetic and all five musicians seemed very in sync with one another. They were skilled and their music sounded great. And though there were some Indonesian and Moluccans in the audience that were already somewhat familiar with their style of music, for a large part of the audience, it was their first time listening to Moluccan percussion. 

However, Kande was the main performance of the night for a reason; the band put together a colourful and energetic performance, and delivered some great music. Still, before the band started to perform, their manager, Chairiyan took a moment to address the audience. For one thing, he explained the name of their band; the audience was told that the word ‘kande’ originates from the Acehnese candle historically used as a symbol of hope. It was also said by Chairiyan that there is symbolism to the name of their group, since they as a band want to give light to others, just like a candle does. 

Furthermore, Chairiyan also took a moment to thank Europalia, the international arts festival that helped make it possible for them to perform in the Netherlands. He expressed that they were grateful for the opportunity and that it was a great moment for them. 

The band consists of eight members, each with a great passion for music. Kande’s blend of world music mixes rich vocals with a distinctive combination of western instrumentation and Acehnese traditional percussion.

With their music, Kande has succeeded in breathing new life into the music traditions of their native region, Aceh. In the last decades, pop-music and Dangdut have almost entirely dominated the traditional Acehnese music and the Indonesian music charts. However, singer Rafly and his band did manage to breathe new life into the local music traditions of their birth region. Kande also purposely sings in Acehnese, because the language is spoken less and less by the younger generation in Aceh. The band uses the complex and nuanced language in their songs, so that it won’t be forgotten by this generation. 

Kande’s performance in the Burgerweeshuiscafé was incredibly energetic and the music was very enjoyable to listen to. The whole audience seemed to love their music; people danced and some even sang along with the performers. 

Somewhere in the middle of the performance, Chairiyan again took a moment to address the audience to explain more in depth what they stand for and what their goals are as a band. The band’s texts show a great amount of social involvement; the band sings about freedom, religion and climate in particular. Also in the Burgerweeshuiscafé, Chairiyan discussed how they want to raise awareness for the environmental problems that we face today. The band takes these problems very seriously. According to Chairiyan, people nowadays have forgotten about their responsibility to look after the earth. ‘’People don’t care about the future, they only care about making a profit’’, he said. He discussed how it is our duty to now change that mentality and save the earth. Therefore, he encourages people to ‘’go green’’. 

After this nice message, the band continued to play on. Yet, at eleven in the evening, there came an end to their performance. However, it turned out that the crowd didn’t want the night to come to an end, as they shouted ‘’We want more!’’. The band quickly gave in, and a short encore was given. And so, came an end to a night which everyone did seem to enjoy a lot. 




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