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Natural Resources



Indonesia is a renowned market for resource extraction, seen as even more attractive than for instance, South Africa, Australia and Canada in terms of mineral prospectivity, as per Pricewaterhouse Coopers.
The country is home to a biodiversity that is only second to Brazil. Rich with natural reserves, Indonesia has become a commodities powerhouse and a leading commodities exporter in a number of resources, including:

Crude Oil

Natural Gas

Thermal Coal


Palm Oil




Key Metrics

Over 3.5 bn barrels of proven reserves

About 112 tn cubic feet of reserves

World’s second largest exporter

Home to 40% of world’s resources

World’s largest exporter, producing about 19 mn tons per year

At 770 thousand tons per year, world’s second largest producer

At 65 thousand tons per year, world’s second largest producer

World’s largest producer, at 2.4 mn tons

Source: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and Ministry of Agriculture


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