Indonesian Legal- SVLK Certified Timber Entering The European Market

The certified SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) Indonesian timber and wood products, has reached the port of Rotterdam - the Netherlands at the end of November 2012. The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands H.E. Mrs. Retno L.P. Marsudi, has observed those timber and wood products on Tuesday, 15 January 2013.

Those timber and wood products are part of the Indonesian program of “shipment test” to the European market conducted by 17 Indonesian exporters and 21 European importers, among 5 (five) of them are Dutch companies. The Dutch company visited by the Ambassador, "Koninglijke Dekker Hout Group" expressed the satisfaction over the shipment test conducted through the Indonesian SVLK. It further praised and appreciated Indonesia’s commitment on the legality and sustainability of Indonesian timber and wood products to be shipped to the European market, as well as the progress achieved by Indonesia and the European Union over the negotiations of FLEGT-VPA (Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade-Voluntary Partnership Agreement).  The company also hoped that the FLEGT-VPA to be signed and ratified in the foreseeable future will bring more tangible benefits for the European importers catering to the marketing demands of consumers and would further reduce the risk of customs clearance delays. The issuance of SVLK certificate would also bring an added value in terms of the legality and sustainability of timber and wood products. All of these developments pronounced Indonesia’s readiness in anticipating the enforcement of the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation) in March 2013.

Indonesia is one of the major timber exporting countries to the Netherlands and across Europe. Indonesia is among the first country to embark in the VPA negotiation process that started in 2007. Since May 2011, Indonesia becomes the only Asian country that has ever completed negotiations of the VPA and is expected to be ratified in September 2013. Under the agreement, the European Union recognizes SVLK as part of verification and legalization system of timber and wood products to any European trade destination.


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