Moluccas Governor Visited Pasar Festival Djempol in Geleen

Moluccas Governor, Said Assagaf attended Pasar Festival Djempol in Geleen on 5 May 2017. This event was one of his agenda in visiting the Netherlands together with his wife and the delegations from Moluccas. Previously, he delivered a public lecture in Leiden University entitled “The Role of Moluccas Local Government in Maintaining Religious Harmony”.

The event themed “Moluccas Party” was opened witha welcoming Moluccas dance by Polawano Dance Group which consisted by Moluccas youngsters who have lived in the Netherlands. Moluccas traditional songs were also presented there. During this event, Mr. Said Assagaf said that he was grateful and highly appreciated due to the event that raised Moluccas culture in the Netherlands. Additionally, he also mentioned that Moluccas becomes one of the province which has the highest index of religious harmony in Indonesia nowadays.

Regarding the 200 years of remembrance day of the Moluccas national hero, Thomas Matulessy, known as Pattimura, on the upcoming 15 May, he said that Saparua has become one of the cultural tourist destination and the popular historical sites on these past two years.

Mr. Said Assagaf also showed his ability to sing during his performance in singing two traditional Moluccas songs.  

Furthermore, the Ambassador of Indonesia to the Netherlands, Mr. H.E.I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, together with his wife also attended in this event. This is the first time that Indonesia participated in Pasar Festival event in Geleen. During his speech, he delivered a message to Moluccas communities in the Netherlands, as follows: “For us, Moluccas communities is like ambulance without sirens which means that we are so close. I hope Moluccas communities in the Netherlands become more harmonious and may contribute to develop Moluccas, so Moluccas can grow fast as other areas in Indonesia.”

After the performance, the Moluccas governor and his delegations along with the Ambassador of Indonesia to the Netherlands had a lunch together which served the authentic Indonesian food.




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