Learning How to Create Batik in the Netherlands

The representatives of Faculty of Art and Design (FAD) of University of 11 March (UNS), Solo, held a Batik workshop in the Netherlands on Tuesday, 16 May 2017. The event took place in Nusantara Hall of the Indonesian Embassy Main Hall. This workshops attracted around 60 people of Indonesian Diaspora, Dutch, and Indonesian living in the Netherlands to participate. Before held a workshop in the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in The Hague, the representatives of FAD UNS had given a lecture and the same workshop at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In his opening speech, the Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Ibnu Wahyutomo, told us about the cultural philosophy of Batik as told by Ki Hadjar Dewantara, namely tridaya, which are creation, feeling, and intention. In addition, he also said that the development of batik became more practical nowadays. The media of creating batik could be as household ornaments, shirts, traditional caps, bags and many more.

Next, Mrs. Ratna Endah Santoso, one of prominent teachers at the UNS gave the floor an introduction of Batik. She explained that Batik is one of Indonesian cultural heritages, both tangibly and intangibly, has been recognised by the world by UNESCO. Additionally, she also explained the definition, process, type and history of batik. 

After the explanation about batik, the audience then began to create their own Batik in a piece of cloth that was already prepared by UNS. They went through all steps of batik creation which are nyorek, nyanting, coloring, lorod and drying, and at the end everybody had created a batik cloth of their own and felt satified and proud of their work.