Indonesia won 3 medals in the 17th World Music Contest, Kerkrade

Two Indonesian marching band groups namely Drum Corps Indonesia (DCI) and Marching Band Gita Surosowan Banten, won three medals during their participation in the 17th WMC held in Kerkrade, Netherlands from 4 to 28 July 2013. 


Indonesian Marching Band Gita Surosowan Banten won its gold medal for their beautiful performances under the contest category of “show world division”. In total, this team reached total point of 87.89. The Indonesian group of Drum Corps Indonesia won two medals: silver for the contest category of show world division, and bronze medal under category of mars world division. 


WMC is an international quadrennial event (one in ever 4 years) taken place in Kerkrade, Netherlands. During this 17th WMC in Kerkrade , Netherlands, more than 60 local and international participants competes for the marching band contest. As many 14 countries are also participate on this event. The competition for marching band during the WMC is divided into 5 (five) categories, namely: show, marching parade, mars, brass band and percussion ensemble with its two main class (classification): first division (beginner) and the world (international) division. 


During the 17th WMC, it is estimated that more than 750 thousand spectators have directly witnessed this big event. The event has also received wide media coverage both from Dutch and foreign medias. 


Meanwhile, the Mayor of Kerkrade, Mr. Jos Som during the closing ceremony of the event, has conveyed his high appreciation to the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for Indonesia’s participation during the event. The Mayor furthermore hoped that Indonesia will again taking participation during the 18th WMC to be held in June 2017. 


(Embassy of Indonesia, July 29, 2013)


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